Stay Tuned! New wind in the sails!

It’s been some years since Alan Mitsugi passed away, and things happened here and there where we have seen the dust grow in the archives here.

Not anymore.  We’re putting the fans and dust filters to work and getting the dust out of the studio.

Stay Tuned!  More things to come.


Chaos, Madness, and mayhem…All brings order (eventually)

Here’s lookin’ at you kid!

We’ll be on tonight!  Have had some issues health-wise, tech wise, and time wise.

And an open invitation was sent to Erik Estrada from CHiPs to appear on our Monday Night show.

I’m also going to produce a show with Angela Davis, author and friend of mine, about her book “The Price Of The Call”, the story of her journey to get to the appointed office she has in the ministry.  It is quite inspirational and you will enjoy our discussion.  I’ll pre-tape the broadcast and put it up soon…check listings.

Until then, Hands on Signaling Devices!

Don’t Touch That Dial is taking a break…

Due to some rash of technical issues with various places, and a chaotic schedule at least until after the November 4th General Election, Don’t Touch That Dial is taking a break to regroup.

In the meantime, Bill and I will be looking at some places to back up our ability to broadcast.  We will experiment, and we will bring you in on the latest when we return the week After the November 4th General Elections.

Please e-mail us if you have ideas of what we can cover during the show.